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11:05pm 12-15-2011
Steve-Thunder DB
Well the NFL changes rules every year to supposedly "better" the game n they get paid millions to get it right so we can't expect Torrence to have a league where the rules please everybody. N poor Wayne we give him hell den send him home to his wife lol!! The only SUGGESTION I would make is to simply have the rules written down so when there is a dispute mid game. Head tref simply pull out his lil rule card n whatever's written goes. Maybe if we, the leaders of teams got together and came up with some realistic, feasible, mutually agreed upon rule changes n brought em to Torrence we could see some changes but individual bit*^%#} won't get it done. Well if anybody's playing n random tournaments, need a player I'm volunteering!
9:07pm 12-15-2011
Torrence, so Cody is the only guy on Thunder that you respect or has backbone?? Really??
7:36pm 12-15-2011
I would like to offer an apology to Thunder for the misrepresentation of my player Moses " Big Moe" Hearron for his comments ealier. we the Titans have much respect for you.
7:10pm 12-15-2011
Another coward, " Flaoovor Flav" get your infomation correct when you call yourself calling me out!!! The first & only time Rob Jay filmed a championship is when Thunder beat NOS in the finals!!! No one season has absolutely perfect, other than last year that could be questioned, but each year the team that shpuld have won has. Sportsmanship has been displayed each year after every game other than last year!!! Bandit if you don't play, you don't have a voice.
6:43pm 12-15-2011
Coward @@@@ MF!!!! When you win, no matter what respect has been given. All that BS ABOUT PLAYING SCREEN!!! Get your finanaces together & develop your own league. Complain about nothing, there is no one game the was changed by the officiating!!! There several levels of flag football, 4-man screen, 5-man screen, 7-man screen, 8-man screen, 8-man eligible, 8-man ineligible, 9-man full rush. The style we play in the city of Jackson is big boy ball!!! Every big man that plays for the titans are all athletic, mobile, & fast for their size. Thunder you have big men, with no back bone, other than my man Cody. If you can do a better job be my guesss, & try. I've been doing this for the past 12yrs!!! don't complain, just don't play. Quit hiding behind nicknames. Soon you want be able to hide any more!!!
5:47pm 12-15-2011
Bandit, the Longhorns-Wildcats game may have been a bad reffed game, but it is in NOWAY in the same conversation with the Superbowl game last year between us (Thunder) and the WIldcats when we were called for 9 penalties and the Wildcats 0 and CJ being thrown out of the game! Everyone there at that game said that was the worst ever. Even Steve admitted it.
2:28pm 12-15-2011
My 2 Cents
The whole league is BS! 8 man contact flag football is dumb... be a athlete and play screen!! Contact with big @@@@ lineman with no pads shows no athletic ability. In screen you have to be athletic, smart, quick and fast... none of this is required in contact. The whole thing needs to change. Refs, rules, ect.... Torrence has done good but its time for a change. The league is getting worse and worse every year. Maybe the city need to take over
1:57pm 12-15-2011
1:54pm 12-15-2011
The Bandit
The game bettween The wild cats and the Long Horns has got to be the worst bullcrap i have ever seen in flagfootball history i sat in the stands and clearly saw a touchdown when the head ref call it back but sure enough the other two refs had him in the endzone and on another note 4thdown and 5 to go wildcats picks up the first but the same @@@@ ref said he didnt get it but sure enough again the other two refs had him 1st down so if the WILDCATS wasn't cheated out this year its BULL@!@!@*& from endzone to end zone DONT WORRY MATTER OF TIME.
12:56pm 12-14-2011
Moe I doubt anyone is @@@@ing you bro!!! Lol... If so i would hate to see all that meat slapping!! Ugh
9:58pm 12-13-2011
Steve-Thunder DB
Well u can't just win. Ya gotta f*^^ our wives too. .. Well I'll tell you Having more athletes doesn't mean BETTER athletes. N Shondell I'd b willing to go fit for tat on better players. Y'all have MORE players..but y'all were better last nite. Despite the refs y'all converted One 3rd n 20 n one 4th n 20 both inside y'all own 20..both to an Offensive Lineman. We failed to adjust to situations, ultimately that's why we lost. We need Fuller coaching again!!
5:10pm 12-13-2011
Congrats to the Titans for winning last night. No excuses from our team. Ya'll were the better team last night and made the critical plays and great play-calling and execution. The refs missed a few calls both ways, but that should be expected. Shandell, you played your a$$ off, and the Titan defense kept us off-balance. The only negative thing I have to say is that was a cheapshot and uncalled for hit by Henry. He lowered his shoulder and never used his hands. If we would have done that to any of you, there would have been a brawl. People do have jobs and have to work today, Henry could have easily gave Casey a hard hand check block like you are suppose to. Other than that, congrats on the win and good luck tomorrow night.
4:35pm 12-13-2011
Big Moe 601
I would like to say one thing thunder like on face off we got the affc now how do it feel to be on the other side now only thang is we cant but might @@@@ your wifes kmsl
3:39pm 12-13-2011
WHOA.. .its goin down on here baby...did yall hear the news TITANS finally beat thunder back 2 back wtf... which hasn't happened to thunder much but everytime it has it was by the TITANS!!! so what happened dis time the refs, playing dirty or the TITANS finally had better players, what was it??? SN: CONGRATS TO ALL PROBOWLERS N NON PROBOWLER JUST FOR MAKING IT THRU ANOTHER ROUGH SEASON...N to steve thanks but im not the mvp not this year maybe next yr tho...ima oil this old legs up in the off season to make sho im ready...

11:38am 12-13-2011
Steve--Thunder DB
Wanna be the First to congratulate Shondell Lockridge on this years MVP
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