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9:53am 02-18-2013
Correction - My number is 601 613 8918 for information on the spring four on four league.
11:07am 02-08-2013
The Jackson metro area will hold its first ever indoor 4 on 4 screen league this spring starting March 19th. For details call Jake at 601 613 89158 or email me at j_wimberly04@yahoo.com
12:06am 01-01-2013
Happy New Years To All People Of Flag Football!!!
9:00am 12-11-2012
Starters for AFFC Pro Bowl: Wide Receivers; Jeremy Young(Steelers), & J.J Brown(Titans), Slot Receivers; Derrick Harden(I-HUstle), & Jeremy Green(Chaos), Blocking Back; Antonio Peoples(Titans), & Timothy Sweet(I-Hustle), Center; Torrence Mayfield(Titans), Quarterbacks; *Shandell Lockridge(Titans), & Jeremy Green(Chaos)
10:14am 12-06-2012
Offensive starters for NFFC: Wide Receivers: Corey Tucker (Dynasty), Chris Wallace (Longhorns), Blocking Backs: Jamal Dinkins (Dynasty), Sandy Quinn (Longhorns), Slot Receivers: Jontez Beard (Longhorns), Darius (Wildcats), Center: Tyrone Beard (Dynasty), Quarterbacks: *Dwayne Robinson (Longhorns), & Ambrose Harris (Dynasty)
1:25pm 12-04-2012
NFFC wIll wear dark colored jersey's, while the AFFC will wear white jersey's.
12:42pm 12-04-2012
Defensive Starters for AFFC Pro Bowl: Defensive Line: Rollo Bickham(Primetime), & Kendrick Henderson(Primetime), Outsidelinebackers: Corey Perkins(Titans), Ced McMillian(I-Hustle), Middlelinebacker: J.J Brown(Titans), Conerbacks: Phillip Harvey(Chaos), Steven Jackson(I-Hustle), Free Safety: Dennis Adams(Titans)
12:34pm 12-04-2012
Defensive Starters for the NFFC Pro Bowl: Defensive: Line Nate Robinson(Longhorns), Sean Vick(Longhorns), Outsidelinebacker: Jamal Dinkins(Dynasty),Jontez Beard(Longhorns), Middle Linebacker: Jeremy Judge(Dynasty), Free Safety: Marcus Wilson(Longhorns), Cornerbacks: Ant Mayes(Dynasty), & Ant Johnson(Dynasty)
6:34pm 11-28-2012
Man I am too old to play the contact! I loved it and did well for years and could still do it but pay for it for 2 or 3 days later. Maybe if someone was in dire need of a old white boy then maybe.... The only way Thunder will be back if ever is if the league goes to screen. The way things got out there you need full pads!

We are going to Hattiesburg this weekend to play 7 man. We have alway done well there so we will see if we still have it or not. Good luck to everyone... Steve it looks like you may win you one now that Thunder is out of the way... Good luck
11:54am 11-27-2012
The longhorns are leading the NFFC as the only undefeated team so they will most likely get a bye in their division. The titans and chaos are tied in the AFFC with one loss a piece (both lost to the longhorns so both are undefeated in their division). They will play next week to see who gets a first round bye in the AFFC division. By the way, we miss NOS and Thunder and we hope y'all rejoin us in the near future.
10:34am 11-27-2012
My first visit in a while too. Hope everyone is doing well, and the league is going well.
8:43pm 11-26-2012
This is my first time on here in a long time. Hello to everyone! How is the league going this year. Who is winning? Is there any good teams?
1:03pm 11-24-2012
concern player
Why is the board so quite?its almost playoff time!who are the elite teams that can make a run to over throw the champions(wildcats)?
1:33pm 11-13-2012
concern player
This fall league is a joke! I see why team are leaving ! Great work commiss!next year I expect 6 teams!
7:54pm 10-27-2012
The league would like to send special shout to Anthony Dunn, Hall of Famer Cl@@@@ of 2011has just been married. The league wishes you, & your entire family nothing but the best!!!
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