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9:45am 11-30-2010
Who is keeping stat's? I bet chris Johnson is leading the league in INT's and TD's! Maybe he will be the MVP if we r going on stat's? Jeff cook is the best athlete on the field and Boone can stop him! I just think thunder should have the most players in the PB because we have the best players! Not the titians or any other team. If the other players r better then stop us and prove it!
2:27am 11-30-2010
Antoine "Tigers"
I would like to say congratulations to MYSELF for making my first Pro-Bowl lol.....Shoutout to my teammates Adrian "Peewee" Jackson and Dink for making it also!

In my opinion based on this season's stats and this season's stats ALONE all AFFC Pro-Bowl selections are correct. Once again this is only my opinion. Doesn't make it right or wrong. The argument could be made for a few players who were not selected that they got snubbed but at the end of the day numbers do not lie.

P.S.- Let's keep the message board clean please. That goes for you too Mr. Commissioner. We are all adults so lets act like it. No need for the name calling.
12:17am 11-30-2010
AFFC PLAYOFF Schedule: 6:30p.m Tigers vs Titans, 7:30p.m Team Thunder vs Jaguars. Conference Champinship 8:45p.m
December 6, 2010
12:14am 11-30-2010
First of all if the record is correct Team Thunder has beat the five straight games, three last year, & two this year. Second quit being a coward hiding behind a team name. Get your money up & start your own @@@@ league. Faggot
5:38pm 11-29-2010
Team Thunder
In my opinion.... Thunder should have the most pro bowl players period!!! They have not been beat in years and they have beat the Titians 6 straight times! This is a joke and everyone knows it. Jeff Cook and Chris Johnson are the best 2 players in the league. Eugene Clinton is the best cover guy in the league. Ambrose is not even the titians best reciever! How did he make it... This should be voted on by the coach's and players and it would be more of a honor to be named to the Pro Bowl! Off the titian's it should be Shandell, JJ, D'elrick and Dee!
11:16pm 11-28-2010
"Bow Down" Justin Ashley also is a memeber of the 2010 AFFC Pro Bowl Selection
11:12pm 11-28-2010
AFFC Pro Bowl Selection : Offense- Center " Team Thunder" Tyrone Beard, Blocking Back "Team Thunder" Marcus Payne, Blocking Back "Bow Down" Antonio Rand, * Quarterback "Titans" Shandell Lockridge, Quarterback "Team Thunder" Chris Broyles, Running Back "Tigers" Adrian Jackson, Slot " Steelers" #25, Wide Reciever "Tigers" Antoine Bourne, Wide Reciever "Titans" Ambrose Harris

Defense: Defensive Line " Team Thunder" Kasey Summerhill, Defensive Line " Titans" D'elrick Taylor, Outside Linebacker " Tigers" Jamal Dinkins, Outside Linebacker "Team Thunder" Cody Childress, Middle Linebacker "Titans" J.J Brown, Conerback "Titans" Dennis Adams, Conerback "Titans" Jean Augusta, Free Safety ???

5:27pm 11-23-2010
Yep! Thunder doing work as usual... see ya'll in the playoffs.
11:47am 11-23-2010
Another Thunder-Titan game, another Thunder win. That makes 6 in a row for Thunder over the Titans. It's hard to even talk smack now because it has become so common for this to happen! No one needs to ask anymore who won between these two, it just needs to be "How bad did Thunder win this time?" Who is NEXT?
11:10pm 11-22-2010
Congradulations to the Tigers for breaking a three year old record scoring 78 points beating the Knights.
7:59pm 10-27-2010
what's going on in the league this year? Is thunder still the team to beat? This board is dead, is the league not like it use to be?
1:55pm 09-14-2010
torrence, need some information on when the money is due and if there is going to be a meeting bw coaches.
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